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Are you single and looking for an Arabic speaking partner?

Join our online speed dating events for a chance to meet very interesting people. One of them might be the person you are looking for

What is speed dating?

Speed dating is another way of connecting single people with like-minded people. It normally happens in a face to face environment where a person meets several people for short periods of time to spark up a conversation and see if there’s chemistry to continue the relationship after.

We will do the same, only in an online protected environment.

Is this another Tinder?

We assure you, It is not! Because this is somewhat a new concept to the Arab world, we are very keen on creating a safe environment for ALL our users and participants.

The event is free and is open to all users between 20 - 45 years old from all different backgrounds.

Identities will be kept safe and secure until a match has been approved by both parties to proceed further.

Any abuse of the event rules or regulations on the night WILL NOT be tolerated and can result in getting kicked out and banned from future events.

Ok, now what am I supposed to do?

Pre-register to reserve your place on the night.

(The event is free with no registration so we rely on your commitment).

You will need a stable internet connection and a steady camera on your laptop or mobile.

It’s totally up to you to wear whatever you desire, however, we advise you to dress to impress! You always want to look your best, and especially in what could be a life defining moment of meeting your potential significant other.

On the night

Prepare to show up dressed online sharp at the time (preferably a few minutes earlier).

Once you’ve logged in, you will be greeted by the host who will check you in. S/He will give a welcome speech, get you acquainted with the rules, and let you know what to expect throughout the evening. You are then assigned a display name/number without revealing your identity. Your name, age, and any other personal information will NOT be revealed on the night unless you choose to do so.

Each person will be assigned a private video call room to spend around 5 minutes with the opposite sex to start a conversation of their interest. After that, you are randomly assigned another 5 minutes in another room with another person until the end of the event.

You can choose to leave the room before the end of the 5 minutes shall you not find chemistry or in the rare occasion of one party violating the rules and regulations.

After the event

Each person will send in the display names/numbers of the people you’d like to contact. If they indicated that they’d like to speak to you as well, we’ll swap your contact details to carry on the conversation. If they didn’t. Well, better luck next time!

Still not convinced?

Even If you’re not looking for that special someone (as long as you don’t judge people who do!) and would just fancy a fun night meeting new like-minded people. Speed dating might just be the thing for you!

What’s the worst that could happen? You lost an hour of your time? We’re sure you have plenty of time to spare these days. We mean, don’t we all?

So bring your best open-minded self and spend a fun hour doing something new!

After you fill the sign up form, we will review it and send you an email with an invite to one of our upcoming online speed dating events

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